My Name is Priyanka and I am 18 years old.
I'm a chocoholic, shopaholic, peanut/peanut butter obsessed, teenager; 
who is consumed by performing, travelling and good company.

From Sydney, Australia; I am currently studying Media at University. 
I started this website, shortly after I finished school, 
wanting to share and document events in my life. 
Initially feeling a bit lost in University, 
I wanted to find a space where I could scribble my thoughts and
 invest my time in something I was passionate about.

Some fun facts about me
I love Italian food.
I'm 5'10 or 5"9.5 depending on the day.
Leonardo Dicaprio has been my favourite actor, ever since I watched
 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape'.
I love the taste of coconut and the smell of vanilla and coco-butter.
Dancing, Basketball and Hockey are my favourite sports.
To me, loyalty is the most important quality in a person.
Lipstick is my favourite cosmetic product and rings are my favourite piece of jewellery.
My favourite movie is 'Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging' 
and if I could only listen to one artist for the rest of my life it would be
Ed Sheeran.

 I hope you enjoy reading my website, comment & share it with your friends and family :)

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on any of my available social media.
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