Friday, 6 May 2016


another unexpected holiday destination; 
one I unexpectedly loved and was pleasantly surprised by.
What did I know about it?
Well other than being the birth place of Harry Potter;

Apart from it being saddening that I knew so little about what Scotland would look like,
just assuming it would be luscious green farm fields and various small communities of
Scottish people bonding over specifically Scottish things, 
( which i'm sure possibly is true further north)
I hadn't put much though into what Scotland would be like.
I guess the silver-lining would be that Scotland, Edinburgh more specifically
 surprised me.
The cobbled roads, the enchanting lanes, the lively streets 
and the unexplainable feeling like you're in Scotland; 
because no other place is like it.
Edinburgh Castle was a gem in the heart of Edinburgh.
I'm a huge fan of castles. Huge. 
It has nothing to do with a childhood desire to be a princess,
I just love the architecture of them. 
I love how romanised and grand they are,
 the detail of the interiors,
and the idea that people casually resided in a place this extravagant.
Side note, do people still build castles? If not, why?
Edinburgh Castle specifically is hard to miss, especially on High St.

Another fun thing to do while you're in Edinburgh
(if you're the right age)
is to go Whisky tasting.
Well, the tasting on my end wasn't fun at all
as I haven't acquired a taste for Whisky
and was pretty much shoting it down.
However just learning about the various types of Whisky
and the different locations they were made was
certainly interesting.

Yes, Edinburgh is the birthplace of Harry Potter.
Specifically the Elephant House.
The cafe the J.K.Rowling sat at and wrote one of, if not the
best book series ever.

Among some of the other activities that I did were an
Underground dungeon ghost tour
A pub crawl which ended at a local club,
Tons of shopping at the Grass Market area and
a hop on and off bus tour of the city.
As we went at the end of November all the Christmas stalls and
festival rides were there and we spent a full day making the most of this.

Edinburgh and Scotland have so much more to offer.
This was certainly just the surface of what Edinburgh is.
I only spent 3 days there I am so eager to go back and explore more!

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