Monday, 2 May 2016

Brecon Beacons

I've always believed it,
the countries I least expected to love have always been my favourite;
Spain, The Netherlands & Wales.
The Exchange and Erasmus society at the University of Leicester in the UK,
was always organising various trips around the UK and Europe.
When I had planned to go on Exchange I knew I was going to spend two months
travelling afterwards,
but I never expected or even considered taking weekend trips away 
to different countries.
These trips were really a blessing.
I got to away for a handful of days,
 with an already established itinerary and a group of students
from around the world.
After spending the day in Cardiff we went to our hostel in a lovely Coastal town called
Broad Haven Beach.
Once we arrived we went out at night to get a few drinks 
and had a lovely walk on the beach where I picked pretty pebbles to take home.
In the morning we were left to explore the beach on our own, and I used the opportunity to have
my own little photoshoot.
There was a winding road that lead to a hill over looking the town and the beach.
On top of the cliff it felt like absolute serenity.
That article is here: Broad Haven Beach

Now to Brecon Beacons;
After we spent the morning at Broad Haven, our coach took us to Brecon Beacons.
Before we did anything we stopped to have lunch.
I'll cut to the chase.
This was THE BEST Sunday roast I have had in my ENTIRE LIFE!!
For the rest of my life I will dream of this roast.
We ate it at this lovely place called 'the Angle',
I made sure I took a photo of the sign so I wouldn't ever forget it.
After my stomach was pleasantly full,
we went on a waterfall walk at Brecon Beacons National Park.
We walked through various tracks catching an intimate glimpse of
trickling waterfalls on the way.
And I can't describe it as anything but magical.
Camping in the wilderness has never appealed to me,
but being in the outdoors has always been something I enjoyed.
Walking through the forest was so much fun and really being in the
essence of nature was food for the soul.

We finally reached the waterfall that was the mother of all waterfalls.
My friends and I opted to take loads of goofy photos by the waterfall;
however I'm not one to sit back,
I jumped on the larger rocks to get an exciting photo in front of the waterfall.
Some of the others had their wellies on and went right up to the falling water for
the perfect shot.

I can't say if I would've done this trip planning it myself,
I don't know, maybe I would have!
But it was a total blessing spontaneously taking this weekend away.
Hopefully passing this experience on will give you the idea to do something different during
your holiday to Wales!
Or even inspire you to go to Wales if you haven't considered it before!

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