Sunday, 5 July 2015


60 years of marriage.
That's how long my grandparents have been married.
A diamond anniversary is blessing, achievement and a milestone.
It's something a girl my age can only imagine having.
Celebrating meant going all out with a formal lunch 
with my grandparent's family and friends.
Lucky or unlucky for me I somehow became the MC of the event.
Since this meant that I would have a lot of eyes on me,
I wanted to wear something darling and classy.
Also, lets be honest.. who doesn't love any excuse to get dressed up?
I accumulate more dresses than I have events to wear them to.
I am total shopaholic, and buying semi-formal and formal
dresses are my achilles heel!
With all the dresses that I have, I have none like this one.
The cut of this dress is not something I would typically be drawn to.
This length is a lot more conservative than most of the dresses I own.
I was a bit hesitant in deciding whether this length was awkward or interesting.
Paired with heels, this dress instantly became sophisticated.
The print is playful and lively whilst the silhouette of the dress mature.
It was perfect for the occasion!
I was constantly asked about my heels throughout the day.
I love them so much. 
They're a really simplistic way to colour block.
Drawing from the violet and purple in my dress, 
the front of heels complimented the dress well
whilst the orange heel added an edgy element.
Dress - ASOS
Shoes - ASOS

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