Thursday, 11 June 2015

Caramel Rocky Road

I remember when my dad used to get his car washed
it was the worst experience ever.
A waste of time and boring.
The only thing that would make it bearable was
going to the cafe and getting a hot chocolate with a Rocky Road.

I love Rocky Road.
I can only imagine its conception came from
someone just mixing all the sweet ingredients they had 
left in their pantry.
And what a great idea that turned out to be!

This Caramel Rocky Road is a
delicious, simple coconuty twist on the original.

12 Marshmallows
100g of Butter
1 cup of Coconut
250g of Caramel Chocolate
1/2 a tin of Condensed Milk
1 packet of Marie Biscuits
*Peanuts Optional*
 Add the Biscuits and coconut together in a plastic bag
and crush the biscuit pieces until 2cm or smaller
Add the butter and chocolate into a bowl.

 Heat for 40 seconds 
and then an additional 30 seconds
mixing it in between
Add the condensed milk in to the chocolate and butter mixture
Mix well.
 Add the melted chocolate into the biscuit coconut mixture
 Mix well until all the coconut and biscuit is covered by the chocolate
 Cut the marshmallows into quarters and mix them in the bowl
*Add the peanuts if you'd like*
 Flatten the mixture into a baking dish
Leaving it in the fridge for an hour.
If you really can't wait, which I totally understand why,
 put it in the freezer for 30 mins
 Cut them into squares and..
Enjoy :)


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