Friday, 17 April 2015


Before I embarked on what I dubbed my great 'European Adventure' 
it was essential that we picked the perfect five countries to circulate.
Heavily influenced by The Fault in Our Stars, Amsterdam quickly became a must.
I really should write a thank you letter to John Green or something.
Like Wales, Amsterdam is so unappreciated, in my eyes at least.
The five sweet days I spent in Amsterdam was enough to convince me
that I could live there if the opportunity ever arose.
I'd have to learn how to ride a bike and speak Dutch,
but after that I'd feel right at home.
To me Amsterdam is coated in intriguing rich history
and nurtures and encourages the creative innovative mind.
And as strange as it sounds, apart of my soul yearns to be in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam city is fairly easy to navigate,
it's a well structured maze and
after the second day we were walking through as if we were locals.
I've always considered canals to be romantic.
Instead of the water surrounding the land like in Australia,
in Amsterdam the land and water are intertwined in the most natural way.
My friend and I stayed with family in Weesp (pronounced: Veshp)
Which I highly recommend visiting too, getting to the city was effortless.
Apart from the fact that cash wasn't accepted at the ticket machines.
Catching a mixture of buses, trams and the train
makes getting to your desired destination is quite easy.

The people of Amsterdam are extremely lovely.
With all the restaurants we went to,
pleasant experiences can only be taken from them!
Of course we had to have Dutch Pancakes in Amsterdam.
It would've been criminal not to.

Going to Anne Frank House was always on the agenda.
Unfortunately and out of respect we weren't allowed to take any photos inside.
It was such an insightful humbling experience.
I couldn't imagine leaving Amsterdam without having visiting it.
Whether you have extensive knowledge about Anne Frank
or barely know who she is, I highly recommend visiting it!
As a film student, visiting the Eye (Amsterdam's film Museum)
 seemed appropriate.
Secretly, we had seen photos of the restaurant on google images and
wanted any excuse to go there for a 'fancy' lunch.
As we excited the station and walked towards the pier,
we realised that the Eye was on the opposite side.
There were ferries exchanging passengers from one side to the other.
This was clearly the only way we would get to the Eye.
We got on the ferry
in attempt to ask someone where we could purchase tickets.
It immediately started moving.
Me being me, went into panic mode thinking we were going to be fined for riding the
ferry without a ticket. To my relief and surprise the ferry was free!
- Just some information I though I'd share,
so you won't need to experience the same anxiety I did.

Admittedly whilst on holiday I fell of my healthy eating bandwagon.
The restaurant in the Eye had an immaculate menu,
 full of dishes I had never tried and ingredients I'd never heard of.
After confidently selecting what ended up being the best salad I have ever had,
I quickly jotted down the name.
'Salad with thinly sliced entrecôte, remoulade, cress, pecan nuts, and violet potato chips'
isn't that a mouthful!?

All the photos were taken by myself. 
Feel free to comment below :)

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