Saturday, 3 May 2014

Vintage Floral • Nail Art

I have always admired the iconic vintage floral nail art print.
I can't miss it when surfing nail designs on the internet. 
I stare at the perfectly shaped nails of the skilled nail artist in envy.
Like seriously, how do they do it?
Surprisingly it's super easy!

Although I've never come across anyone in real life with the print on their fingers
I suppose it's a well recognised pattern in the 'nail art community' 
and for good reason.
It's elegant, feminine and sophisticated. 
And I could just stare at my fingers all day!! 
As this was my first time attempting this look,
I decided to make it a feature nail on each hand 
afraid that it might look overwhelming!
All I can say now, is that next time I attempt this design...
which I'm sure is probably sometime soon,
all my fingers will be coated in the print!
Although this is one of the easiest prints I've done,
it was a little tricky on the right hand.
I usually have no worries when it comes to painting the weaker hand,
but for some unknown reason
I had to keep really still and give greater attention to this hand than the other.
As always I post up pictures of my right hand
to give you a genuine indication on how it looks on both hands,
the pictures are bellow.
I always paint my nails with my hand in mid air,
 so I would probably recommend putting you hand down on a table.
Hopefully, with a little more practice, it'll become a lot easier.
Even with the minor challenges, i'm really happy with how this hand turned out.
Nail Polish Colours
Covergirl • 285 Mint Mojito
Revlon • Tidal Wave
American Apparel • Rose Bowl
American Apparel • Mannequin -
- (it looks so different on google, but that's what it says on the bottom of my bottle)
I hope you enjoyed this look! Feel free to comment below! :D

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