Thursday, 24 April 2014

High Tea

We were speechless. 
Sitting there trying to make conversation, with the one person I talk to for hours everyday. 
We had to pinch ourselves when we were given a seat by the window.
It was surreal.
And we hadn't even been served the food yet.

My cousin and I travelled to the heart of the Sydney city to the Swissotel for a High Tea Experience.
My mum had informed me that it was 5 star, but what does that really mean?
Of course by that definition what you can assume is that it is fancy, expensive and good quality.
I completely disregard the rating, I mean don't all High Tea places hold those three traits?
Oh, how I was wrong. 
We were so close to Pitt Street, with the Centre Point Tower behind us, Place theatre opposite us
and the Queen Victoria building straight ahead; it was architecture galore.
We felt on top of the world.
We had our private little table to sit, observe and appreciate the view.
First came the Cocktail and the Mocktail.
Feeling sophisticated, I dared my self to embrace the adult that I am and have the Cocktail.
That consequently left me envious of my cousins fabulous Mango Mocktail.
Then came the Ice Coffee.
Which was really nice. 
Nothing will beat my mum's ice coffee ( and no, I'm not being payed to say that)
but this one was certainly nice.
A little strong on the coffee, for me, but once the ice cream melted a little the balance was there.
Then came the glorious stand of mouth watering finger food.
We started from the bottom with the savoury and were fortunate to nibble on
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and wild rocket on sourdough bread
Cucumber and sumac hummus on white bread
Classic egg and watercress on olive oil and wheat ciabatta
Roasted chicken, seeded mustard mayonnaise with pickle and parsley on carrot and sunflower seed bread 
Personally, I loved the Smoked salmon, cream cheese and wild rocket on sourdough bread.
I'm not usually a fan of cucumber sandwiches, but this one was really nice!
Then your usual scones with Jam (Jelly.. I don't know.. is that what some of you call it?) and Cream.
However these were probably the best scones that I have ever had. 

Surprisingly, the desert was the my least favourite of the day.
That not to say it was bad, because everything was lovely.
I don't know if it was caused by being unbelievably full.
You know, the kinda full, where what you need is a good nap before you go into a food coma.
Or if I just genuinely enjoyed the other foods better.
What we had on our plates were
Raspberry Opera Slice
NewYork style cheese cake with macerated strawberry 
Pink profiterole filled with Chantilly cream
White chocolate mousse with summer berry compote 
Out of all of them the White chocolate mousse with summer berry compote was definitely the best!
We enjoyed ourselves so much, that timed escaped us.
What was meant to be a 2 hour encounter, turned into 4.
We had such a great time and can't wait to go back!

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