Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Feminine Aztec • Nail Art

If you've been reading long enough, 
you might have read my original aztec post. 
Whist that had an ebullient and energetic vibe, 
this design reminds me of the spring time, of flowers and all things girly. 
It's quite feminine.

Although I am reconnecting and have gained a liking to
 just a coat of one colour on my nails; 
when I'm feeling inspired to play around with prints,
 the aztec look would have to be my favourite.

When I first started my job, my each of my fingers were painted each of my nails with a different
colour of glitter polish, creating a rainbow across my hand.
Whilst my uniform is a dull black, my nails are really the only venue available
for me to express myself.
And honestly, what gave me a little confidence boost was the lovely customers
stopping my and asking me about my nails.
So after 7 days of non stop work, wanting to relax and recover..
I pulled out all the boxes with my polishes in them, rested my feet on the couch and 
attentively watched the 'Black Swan' for the first time.
Consumed by the intense storyline of the movie, my finish did suffer.
Nevertheless from a distance the print is clear and quite eye catching.   

It really gives you the opportunity to be creative. 
To play with lines, shapes and colours.
What I chose to do this time was change the pattern on each of the alternating fingers.
Keeping uniform with the colours and exciting with the design.
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