Saturday, 11 January 2014

Cinnamon Bey

As I was reunited with an abundance of family friends, 
we headed down south to the Cinnamon Bey resort for a couple of days of 
relaxation, games; and on my end a lot of reflection and appreciation.

The resort is gated by the beach; which is honestly a true blessing.
As you step outside the resort, you are welcomed by the rocky sand and salty sea.
The sunset is something magical and can only truly be understood when witnessed in person.
 Unfortunately I failed to capture my meals sufficiently.
As these images do not pay justice to the quality and quantity of my dishes.
The irresistible all you can eat buffet, provided me with an endless selection of food;
with plates piling with a variety of meals from various cultures.

The resort itself was beautiful.
Whilst floating in the pool, I looked around myself and could not 
comprehend how this was my life.
It was an environment which I felt I only would have seen in others pictures or in movies.
I am truly grateful that I got to experience these couple of days at the resort.

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