Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Grounds of Alexandria • Quirky Places • Part 3 of 4

 What's so unique about the grounds is its industrial nature, the eccentric elements
and stores located in the venue.
While you're there, you will find many places like this, such as the garden,
 wishing fountain and coffee school.
Here are some images of the three cool places I found, 
which were the exterior of the outdoor bathroom/restroom,  the little play room
 and the inside of the flower shop; which displayed the funkiest antiques.
 Although there is a bathroom inside the restaurant (gallery),
it does not match up to the flare of the outdoor restroom.
You have to be impressed when even the bathroom maintains the rustic appeal of the venue.
 What I adore, is the paper towel bucket and the aqua sink.
If you're not beginning to believe this place has almost everything,
then maybe I can change your mind with this photos.
As old is the new 'new', these items are so in! ;)
The pieces are set up in a manner that will allure you in, 
causing you to explore the store, not missing a single detail.
Aren't these flowers gorgeous?
The colourful arrangement of these flowers is something to appreciate.
This is one of the coolest playhouses I've ever been in.
With crayon scribbles on all walls and equipment to entertain children,
it yearns for the imagination to let loose.

I hope you enjoyed this part :)
Here are the first 2 parts, incase you missed it
click each image to go to the corresponding part!
 The last part is now up on the mini animal farm.

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