Monday, 2 December 2013

The Grounds of Alexandria • Animal Farm • Part 4 of 4

I've certainly never dinned at a place that was accompanied by a small baby animal farm.
I truly believe it is an asset to the Grounds.
As a place that unintentionally targets youthful attenders, the farm
attracts families, especially those with little children.
Although, whose to say even us big kids can enjoy observing their playful interaction.
Some of my favourite animals in the farm are the
lamb, the little Cria (baby llama) and the piglet.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Grounds of Alexandria • Quirky Places • Part 3 of 4

 What's so unique about the grounds is its industrial nature, the eccentric elements
and stores located in the venue.
While you're there, you will find many places like this, such as the garden,
 wishing fountain and coffee school.
Here are some images of the three cool places I found, 
which were the exterior of the outdoor bathroom/restroom,  the little play room
 and the inside of the flower shop; which displayed the funkiest antiques.
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