Friday, 29 November 2013

The Grounds of Alexandria • Scenery • Part 1 of 4

 The Grounds of Alexandria is not just a place to eat, it is an experience.
There are so many facets about the place, that make it alluring and enchanting.
Now I must say that no one is paying me to rave about the venue, 
but rather I am one who wishes people would share all their personal hidden treasures with me, 
so I plan to do that. Share all the places I explore and enjoy, in the hopes that it may inspire you to go there too :)

 There are a variety of places to sit outside of the restaurant; to enjoy the company
of your friends or family, or a tranquil arena to be with your own thoughts.
The ambience is delightful and the happiness of those around is contagious
Like I said, it is more than just a restaurant.
There are other hidden services and places to visit while you're there.
It's just a matter of exercising your curiosity and being a little adventurous!
The place is so quirky with a modern, hipster and industrial vibe. 
Make sure you pay attention to detail, or you'll miss all the gems that are 
scattered around.
The other three parts are now up!
Click these photo links to see them.
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