Thursday, 7 November 2013


The definition of Spring is originate. 
And when I visited an old and neglected childhood hideout of mine,
 filled with imagination and my now nostalgia, I couldn't help but think of my childhood and all the moments that had escaped my memory.

This is one of my most favourite dresses. 
There isn't anything I could criticise about it.
I adore it's bubbly cutouts around the chest, its fitted nature around my ribs and the beautiful bursts of pink, with freckles of purple on the bottom.
The entire pattern is gorgeous, and if it is even remotely possible,
 I have fallen in love with this dress!!
I may own what some might consider too many shoes (but come on, not really!),
 but sometimes you find those perfect pair of shoes, 
that work well with almost any outfit, occasion and weather. 
Plus they're super comfortable and attractive.
I personally feel that a good boot or ballet flat can achieve this wonder shoe role, 
however what's especially unique about these gems, is that 
they are unusual (not being a pair ballet flats, wedges or heels) and are just that little bit more formal appropriate. 
Dress - Ginger FIZZ
Shoes - Eva & Ever
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