Monday, 4 November 2013

Pretty in Punk

Who says you can’t look a little edgy and wear pink at the same time!? 
To be honest I felt like I was channeling a variety of vibes. From gypsy to country to tribal to even the 60s! 
Whatever this look is meant to represent, what I love is the colour.
 Too often I find myself shying away from the ‘lollypop’ colours, when I really shouldn’t; 
and hopefully this should inspire you to not do so too.
I think we can all agree that the skirt really is the statement piece of this outfit. 
I love how the vibrant rainbow fabric hides behind the triangular patterned black netting.
What is also equally exciting is skater girl structure of the skirt and how it hugs in at the waist.
Just because I've given the skirt the statement piece title, doesn't mean the top doesn't provide some competition!
A hot pink top, purposefully made to fall off the shoulder is anything but normal.
Instead of opting to wear a subtle tee to enhance and support the skirt, 
there is no harm in making the whole outfit eye catching ;)
These badass boys are one of my most valuable purchases 
and really add the edgy element to the look.
I've dedicated a whole post to these beauties  Pinky's Picks • Steve Madden Boots
Skirt - Ally
Shoes - Steve Madden

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