Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Hippie • Nail Art

I'm super experimental when it comes to my nails;
and although this look may not be for you, like it isn't for my mother...
I felt that these were the perfect statement to express my inner flower child.

Adding blobs of red, yellow, green and blue on a nail coated in white, 
I used a tooth pick lightly blending the colours in a swirling motion.
I would say rather than "blending" them, I immersed them together,
making sure the individual colours were still visible.
On the ring finger I coated the nail in a rainbow glitter polish.
On the thumb I added a white peace sign on top.
Admittedly, these photographs have been taken a week after I freshly painted my nails,
but I'm both proud and surprised they have managed to maintain this appearance
during all that time.

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