Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Blue • Nail Art

 As the unusual raindrops trickled down, and the what was a too good to be
 Spring weather transitioned into a depressing, track-suit pant wearing week, 
I had to paint my nails something whimsical,  to bring a little fun back into the day

Left Hand
Right Hand
 When painting my nails I envisioned 3 main designs, all using the blue pallete. 
The first was a white nail, with baby blue, navy blue and silver polka dots; 
randomly placed across the nail.
The second, was a simple navy nail with rows of silver dots
Lastly a baby blue nail, with a navy heart.
(All, of which you can clearly see)
However, feeling a bit spontaneous, I decided to try a different pattern on my left middle finger.
With the different designs in mind I randomly painted each nail one of the 3, 
with out any sequence in mind. 
Therefore, that's why my left hand is different to my right.
 Although, I am no nail artist, 
I genuinely hope you enjoy these simple and achievable designs.
I personally, find it reassuring when see someone who doesn't have much experience,
successfully paint their nails without too much effort.
So, what I'm trying to say is, you should honestly try this or any of my nail art designs, 
if you have been contemplating, but putting it off because you think its too hard.
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