Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Blue Rose

Baby blue and white is an elegant combination that I have been loving for Spring.
Plus no matter how much I invest my best efforts in to having a more mature yet youthful wardrobe,
I just can't stay away from crop tops and high waisted bottoms.
However, I feel with some great quality fabrics you can still manage to pull of
a polished look.
This is definitely one of my most favourite piece in my wardrobe. 
This is a quite uniquely shaped crop top with a flamboyant print.
It really supports the concept that crop tops don't always have to be,
(how can I say this appropriately) a promiscuous item of clothing;
but rather can look quite tailored and sophisticated.
Just about every time I go out with these shorts, I get asked where I purchased them.
They're very sophisticated yet nonchalant and are a great addition to your wardrobe,
 going with about just anything.
 I adore these shoes.
I was initially quite worried about how I would pull them off,
but sometimes you have to purchase those daring items,
 because they will most likely end up being worth every last penny you spent on them.

 I added a pink blazer, to pair with my earrings.
The blazer is very light and with the rolled up sleeves make the look that much more cool.
Although the sun is evidently present throughout the day,
the wind demands to make an appearance too.
This means that it is always practical to carry something around to keep you warm.


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