Saturday, 12 October 2013


Ladies and Gentlemen, I have gone to a music festival and come out alive. Not only
 have I come out alive, I have also had the added honour of evolving 
into a more experienced and cultured young adult. And although, 
I could let my long fingers type away a theatrical description of my experience,
 I will get right to the fashion! 

When selecting the perfect outfit for the event, I wanted to achieve the simplistic 
modern day hippy vibe (although, this particular vibe probably doesn’t exist.. this is my 
interpretation of it, if it were a legitimate clothing category). 
Hopefully you would have seen my Aztec nail post, which is right below
 (but if you haven’t here’s a quick link Aztec • Nail Art). 
For those interested in re-creating the nail look, this outfit perfectly
 complements it and well, for those who aren’t, hopefully you will enjoy it too. 
With a concaving sleeve, a cute bralette or crop top is a girls best friend.
 When wearing visible undergarments, I usually opt for something black or lace,
 keeping it classy and simple. However I thought I'd spice things up a little 
with the aztec print crop top; which unintentionally matches my nails.
You can never go wrong with a white tee covered in a eccentric print.
 A flight of rainbow butterflies creating an illusion of a peace sign is tres cool.
I really do have a grand appreciation for high-waisted shorts. 
I chose to wear a denim short, to bring the outfit back to a casual and effortless look.
 The added crochet on the right, really makes it that much more unique and eye catching.
Converses are the perfect shoe for a music festival,
apart from being timelessly cool, they are beyond comfortable and
protect your toes from the inevitable trampling they fall victim to.
For a bit of fun and added colour,
I decided to wear some bubbly hot pink socks with lace white frills.
You can never go wrong with a pair of heart shaped sunglasses. 
Since Sydney is unforgivably hot these days; sunglasses are another concert staple piece, 
that are stylish and practical. Amongst my other bling, 
what I adore the most is my peace earrings. 
My make up did consist of various shades of pink, the most obvious being my
 'Apocaliptic' lips from Rimmel London's Apocalips.
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