Sunday, 27 October 2013


With the middle of Spring (here is Aus-land), 
we are welcome by the ever so common cool breeze juxtaposing against the glowing sun.
 And as I am frolicking around, what could be more perfect than
 wearing an oversized, patchwork dress with spring appropriate floral designs.

Yesterday I went to the final Australian One Direction Concert and it was amazing! 
Finding an outfit for concerts can be a challenging task for any girl. 
Do you go as the ever so dedicated groupie, 
rocking out the bands tee you bought from the merchandise store,
 or do you wear your best outfit, hoping that when they gaze at you from the stage, which they will, 
you’ll be looking your best, ready for one them to swoop you away
 (don’t lie to me, if you haven’t thought about this, cause I know you have!)
 However, for the evening, I promised myself I would wear something that was bubbly and fun,
 but also allowed me freely move around, 
as I knew I would be up on my feet belting out the songs and dancing till the end.

Hence, this dress was the dream piece.
 There is a significant amount of breathing space between you and the dress.
It beautifully flows off you, allowing you to skip, jump and leap around without any restrictions. 
I truly believe the patchwork print speaks for itself, as soon as I saw it, 
I had to have it.. it was just one of those moments.
These shoes were the perfect piece in taking this dress from something that was acceptable to wear 
to lunch or a day at the beach, to evening appropriate. 
With just the right amount of platform and the unmissable and incredibly cute buckle around the ankle,
 this is no ordinary shoe.

A bold lip and a cute pair of gold hoops are my must to accompany this outfit. 
Add on a couple of rings and I am good to go.
Shoes - Ava & Ever

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