Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Simplistically Trendy

After coming home from University,
 I thought I'd take some quick snaps of the outfit I wore. Sometimes when you're out and about, being comfortable and is an essential, 
I totally get it. 
However it's hastla la vista to the days of looking like you just rolled out of bed
 and bonjourno to the days of looking simplistically trendy. 
What I love about this mantra, is that it can be so easy to achieve, 
with just a little bit of effort!
Sometimes a plain coloured top can be a saviour. 
When complemented well, they are the perfect piece for those "normal" days; 
having that casual yet cool apperance. 
What I love about this top, is that it's no ordinary mon-chrome shirt. 
It's super fiesty with it's controversial plunging sleeves and 
it's borderline jewel meets halter neckline, challenging the shorts, 
demanding not to be unnoticed. Plus, there's nothing cooler than a tucked in top!
Now the pièce de résistance of my outfit. 
As I've morphed into the dare devil that I am this year.. (haha! who am I kidding).. 
more the experimental fashionista, prints are consuming and diseasing my wardrobe. 
Wearing a unique print, really can take that outfit to that new level.
Now for the practicality element... you can never go wrong with a pair of vans.. 
being the rebellious chiquitita that I am,
 I have not conformed to my outfits colour palette 
and have gone for my soothing navy pair of vans.

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