Thursday, 24 October 2013

Blue Skies

Today was another one of those really good simple days,
 I went out and about, doing little tasks and once I finally exited my last destination,
 I gazed across the road to see this long narrow pathway that was accompanied with a murky river,
 high rise buildings and a baby boy blue sky. 
Coincidently, my dress was welcomed amongst the various shades of blue, 
which made for a perfect photo opportunity.

Brands will be at the bottom.

It's the textures and style of this dress that makes it not just another blue dress. 
The mesh material not only supporting the back, 
but making a cheeky appearance at the front is quite daring. 
The shoulder pads too are unique and the lower half adventurously escaping from the waist.
I lalala-love my shoes. Not that I need any added hight enhancements, 
being almost 5'10, but these are the perfect alternative to a heel. 
They're super comfortable and demand attention. 
With simple silver drop earrings, with crystal blue stones,
 a coral lip and a shimmery shadow placed in the inner corners of my lids,
the look is complete.
Dress - 
Shoes - LILIAN, Blondie by Lipstik

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