Friday, 11 October 2013

Aztec • Nail Art

This month is going to be unimaginably hectic for me! 
Today, my University is holding a music festival type of event, to celebrate its birthday. 
Although, I'd like to consider myself one of those adventurous and free-spirited youths of today, 
I really haven't ever been to a music festival. 
But, when I think of them, 
images of Gumboots (aka Wellingtons), Daisy chains, Beer cups 
and tons of PRINTS appear!
So, I thought I'd share my Aztec inspired nail art. 
To keep it unique and flamboyant, I thought I'd create a rainbow effect. 
Black lines between each colour, really transforms the looks, 
emphasising and enhancing each row of colour.
And yes, I even attempted the print on my right hand. 
I'm honestly no nail artist; and although I adore funky nails, 
I normally go for bright colours or extremely simple patterns. 
I encourage you to try it, even if you think it will turn out ugly. 
Practice makes perfect and you might just surprise yourself. 
My Right Hand
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