Sunday, 22 September 2013


Today was beautiful. 
It was expected to be quite breezy, but the weather fooled us and provided us with energetic rays. 
I am definitely one to embrace the weather 
and so I was inspired to wear pops of colour to represent my cheerful mood.
 Understandably, wearing pops of colour can be quite daunting,
 but when done right, can look so good.

I wore this beautiful blue crop top that can easily be dressed down. 
But because the skirt owns the eye catching texture, 
a plain top is perfectly appropriate if you don't want to clash too much. 
Besides, I don't consider is a 'plain' top, personally this blue speaks for itself, I adore it.
I'm a sucker for the bandage skirt, 
however there is only so many times you can year the same black bandage skirt 
This skirt takes it to a whole new level. 
Already today I got a hand full of people curious about where I got it from. 
The brand 'Moonla' if you were wondering :) . 
Not only do I love the colour, but the flower layer on top, that continues past the bottom fabric, 
is just so funky.
 I've come to the conclusion that this outfit is basically a compilation 
of my favourite pieces in bright colours. 
Glitter is my kryptonite, 
so sparkly aqua green jelly sandals are an indescribably irresistible purchase.
I love these blue earrings; 
the downward triangles are so different and create a unique shape. 
Mixing an matching some bracelets are always fun. 
I also added a fun little white bag with green lines because it completes the outfit 
and is practical for when going out! 
An orange lip is perfect! 
I personally feel like orange lips are too overlooked. 
So I dare you, yes you, to try an orange lip, because you just might surprise yourself.

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