Thursday, 22 August 2013

Simple Healthy Snacks • #1

Peanut Butter & Cream Cheese Celery Sticks with Sultanas

I'm sure if you've read any other recipe post of mine, you would know that I have a passion and find great comfort in eating healthily. This really has never been an easy task for me; because lets face it, when you're faced with a cup of fries and salad, finding the motivation to chose the salad can be quite difficult. I also believe that when you feel like eating healthily is a chore, and you're just eating those foods for the sake of loosing a couple pounds, there is no way it's going to last and become a lifestyle. I find the best thing is eating meals or snacks that taste delicious and are surprisingly good for you; this can be easily achieved by knowing the right ingredient combinations.

]Now, I'm no nutritionist and all my knowledge is from doing a bit of research, educating myself and talking to my mum who reads book after book about healthy eating and fitness. When I talk to different people, describing the finger licking snacks I concoct, I always get asked to write a post about them. At first I was hesitant, because they are so simple and hardly require a proper method to make, that I thought it would be pointless. But, I thought if I made a series of various little and simple snacks, that maybe, it would be a very easy beginners guide to becoming more nutritious.

Now this little treat is something that you might have heard of; it's no new creation. But at the same time I was also surprised to find out how many people didn't know of it. What you'll need it is:
Celery: Celery is only around 16 calories and major perk about celery, is that it takes more calories to burn than itself. It is high in Vitamin K, folate, Vitamin A and contains a lot of Fibre & Potassium.
Light Peanut Butter: This spread is a hidden gem, and it's nutritional value always goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Hight is Vitamin E, Fibre and Protein, it's heaps good for your bones and heart health.

Extra Light Cream Cheese: I always opt for the light & extra light versions of foods. I find that when you read the label, it is so easy to find a significant calorie decrease between the normal and the light. My 'Kraft, Philadelphia' extra light version is only 7 calories per tablespoon and has the 'national heart foundation tick of approval', which not even the light has. Benefits include, that it is gluten free.
Sultanas: They're a good source of energy and contain the Vitamins B1 & B2, you could also use raisins if you don't have sultanas.

In all honestly, I can hardly call this a 'snack' is indescribably filling and you won't feel hungry for hours after it. Personally, I like the peanut butter better, because you can really taste the contrasting flavours, but at the same time the cream cheese is really amazing too, plus, it's an great option for those who have allergies and are gluten free. If you want to be more creative, you can put both spreads on the celery, mixing them or one on each half.

And, yes, it's as simple as that. I'm looking forward to sharing more super easy healthy snacks!

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