Monday, 12 August 2013

A Punk Rocker with Flowers Everywhere.

'Rock n' roll', edgy and a little rebellious,
when an outfit can only be described by those words
you have found my perfect wardrobe.
Now, I know the song goes "I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair"
but when I was roaming around my little shopping village, 
I couldn't help but notice the flowers that warmly gated the area and so,
 I decided to embrace them in my rocker outfit.

I love this top. It so simple and different. 
Unlike your usual black top, the front is made from leather, 
whilst the back a cotton/woollen type of material. Hence, depending on how you pair this top you can either get a rocker look or a quite sophisticated, 'Victoria Beckham' inspired outfit.

I've never been adventurous when it comes to the 'coloured pant' look. I have an endless supply of coloured and printed shorts, but something about going all out on the whole pant intimidates me. So, I am taking baby steps and have comfortably, yet daringly so, chosen a maroon pant. What I adore about it is the darker stripe on each side of the pant leg, making it a little more different. To me it's perfect because it stands out without being bright.

Rather than going for your predictable maroon or black jewellery, I decided that simple touch's of gold would be a suitable alternative. I chose a similar shade of maroon lipgloss as the staple aspect of my makeup look, really adding to the rock n' roll vibe I was going for. I took a sneaky close up in the car, just to you a better look at my face.

As per usual, my bad boy converses make a reappearance; 
but what really love about them, in this look, is that they perfectly compliment a rolled up pant.


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