Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Pinky's Picks • Minkpink Magic Dragon Vest/Top

 It's been a while since I've done a 'Pinky's Picks', where I chose to praise an item in my wardrobe that I adore. I recently purchased this rainbow knitted top; and I'm not sure if you go through the same ritual, but as soon as I buy a piece of clothing I need to seize the first opportunity to wear it. So, when I was trying to create the perfect outfit to enhance the top, I was welcomed with a variety of ideas.  I'm sure I've mentioned Minkpink in my blog before, but I honestly love their clothes, they're a perfect representation of what my style is.

Although it looks like a crop top it honestly isn't. My top is now quite big for me, and if I wear it properly, the neck of the top plunges way too low and is slightly inappropriate. However, because I love the top so much, not even the neckline can stop me from wearing it. It's knitted, which is such a rare and unique texture for a top. What I love is the rainbow pattern. Because it is winter, I try to avoid the ritual of wearing darker colours. Though, my favourite part is the bottom, where the top is finished by little loops created by a string of the wool.
For both of the looks that I created using the Magic Dragon Vest, I chose to wear denim. The winter weather in sydney is so unpredictable that in one week I was able to wear shorts, while the week after, I'd be lucky if a pair of jeans kept my legs warm. What I love about both these denim pieces is that they both have a ripped effect to them, which I kind so edgy and boisterous. You can find more information about these jeans in my OOTF • Edgy meets Feminine post.
A jacket can always change the appearance of a top and morph the vibe an outfit is giving off. I found 3 different jackets that I felt all perfectly worked with my outfit.
The first is a lose mustard blazer, which looks quite grungy and vintage. It's perfect layering piece, because it's not that thick and looks quite sophisticated in my eyes.
The second is another blazer, which is shorter and more formal. I loved how this jacket turned a really cute and fun look into an outfit that was quite cool and trendy.
The last coat is fun and practical. Apart from pink, yellow is my favourite colour because it's genuinely such a flamboyant colour. The yellow coat emphasised the yellow in the top, working well together and keeping me warm.
With a fun look comes fun shoes and as everyone knows, shoes are my favourite part of an outfit. My Jelly sandals have made a reappearance, and this time they are in black. My pink, blue & grey vans also work amazingly well with the colours on my top and always looks so trendy with a rolled up pair of pants.
I've been trying my hardest to accessorise more and what I love to wear most are quirky little pieces. My love-heart sunglasses are simply groovy. I completed the look with some floral bracelets and rings.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Also Click this to purchase the top :)

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