Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Lime Green & Disco Pants

I find it indescribably hard to dress fashionably for the winter. I've always felt like I had to wager between practicality and trend, and I could never draw the line or compromise between the two. This meant that I was left either really cold or I looked like I was strutting around town in my pyjamas.  So I finally decided to put my foot down and was determined find those essential winter pieces that were spiced up a bit. 

I've been looking around to find the perfect jumper for this weather. To be honest I don't own a lot of jumpers, mainly because when I'm wearing a cute top, a jacket can keep me warm and still show off my shirt. Fortunately or Unfortunately, there's nothing like a warm woollen jumper (sweater) to authentically make feel that 'feel good' kinda warm. So, when I found this lime green & grey, knitted, off the shoulder jumper, I was thrilled. It's definitely is the statement piece of the whole outfit!
I find buying pants to by quite the obstacle.  In the Summer I'm fine. I have about 20 different pairs of shorts in a variety of colours, patters and styles. But in the Winter, I usually conform to my routine of sleeping, eating and going around town in my tights. Limiting my ability to explore and my diversity, when it comes to my the style of my outfit. As you might know, I'm quite the American Apparel enthusiast; sometimes their clothes don't need to be flash or anything, but they always seem to look effortlessly cool. They tend to sell pieces which you can wear again and again, by pairing them with different clothes and each time they transform into something new, becoming unrecognisable from the last time you wore it. While I was inspecting the American Apparel website, I came across their disco pants. At first I was quite indecisive towards them, because I wasn't sure how I would pull them off and  if I was willing to commit to paying a scandalous $122 AU!!! Don't get me wrong, I don't mind spending what I have to on nice clothes, but I wasn't that invested on them to pay that price. After a bit more research, I found a variety of stores selling the same product for a reasonable $30 (made from the same nylon material) and decided that a simple and sophisticated black pair of disco pants were for me. And now, I can honestly admit that they've grown on me heaps and look super chic.
Boots are always a practical shoe for this weather and always look great with any tight fitting pant. Studded boots are always my favourite because they're a bit rock'n roll and are different to your usual pair of boots. You can check them out with my Summer pieces for Winter weather post which also features an American Apparel crop top :)


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