Thursday, 18 July 2013

Double Leather?

Today was a beautiful day. Not only because I've never seen a brighter winter's day, but because I was going to have a well overdue catch up with some of my old school friends. I was determined to wear this dress today, because it's one of those flashy dresses that are acceptable to flaunt throughout the whole day.

This dress has so many simple and unique features, that you never have to feel conscious about looking over the top and rather have the confidence in knowing that you look quite trendy. Some of my favourite details include the outrageously different use of pink leather, the open back and the triangular slit around the stomach.
Sometimes it's hard to find the appropriate shoes to pair with a dress like this; especially when you are not wearing it out at night and heels seem impractical. Boots are the perfect staple piece to turn to when facing this dilemma. They lie comfortably on the boarder of informal and glamourous. If I'm being honest I was never on the ankle boot band wagon, they just never appeal to me. However, when I was rummaging through my shoe collection, I just couldn't find a pair of shoes that I hadn't already worn during the week, that also suited the dress. I slipped a pair of my mum's boots and was instantly persuaded to believe that they are actually quite cute and are more dresser than your average pair of boots. 
There's nothing more edgier and riskier than going full out leather on leather (unfortunately the same can't be said about double denim). Attempting to be a bit more adventurous and fashion forward, I gave  it a go and was more than satisfied with the outcome. Although you could substitute the jacket with a cardigan, if the whole double leather concept isn't your style.
Keeping it simple, as always, I wore a rose gold, silver & gold bangle accompanied by its matching earrings, an intricate beaded black bracelet and a gold necklace with a heart pendant. 
I hope you enjoyed todays outfit. I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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