Monday, 1 July 2013

Easy Nail Art • Harry Potter Inspired

I love Harry Potter. I'm just going to leave it at that, because if I say more, this is gonna be a really long blog post. My cousin and I stumbled upon some super cool pictures Harry Potter Nail art and decided to give it ago. Unfortunately after multiple attempts we had to give up because we just couldn't recreate what we saw. It was such a disappointing experience because we were so excited, and it was such a... fail! Anyways, after a couple of years I decided that I wasn't going to completely give up and my cousin was going to have her Harry Potter manicure if it was the last thing I did. Now, I couldn't completely remember what the picture looked like (I'm sure you could find it on the internet somewhere) so we played around with some ideas and I came up with my own Harry Potter nail art and I wanted to share it all you Harry Potter enthusiasts.

  1. Make sure that you clean and prepare your nails by washing, cutting and filing them. Remove any excess polish.
  2. Like always, paint a base coat.
  3. Then coat your thumb in a black polish. It's up to you what colour order you paint your other nails (as you can see my cousin decided to go blue, red, green & yellow, where as I would have personally gone red, yellow, green & blue). It's all about your preference.
  4. Hopefully by now you can tell that we are painting the house colours. I kinda wanted them to look like the house scarfs, by simply creating stripes. This is slightly tricky, but don't worry, there are a ton of tricks to make it easier. I did do the lines free hand, but you can also use:
    1. Nail polish Stripers
    2. Nail art pens ( I know Sally Hansen has her own range)
    3. Sticky tape: Cut it into small rectangular strips and place 1-2 strips over the nail ( leaving a space between the tape) The purpose of the tape is to protect the base colour. Now you can freely paint over the whole nail in the corresponding house colour. Wait for 30 seconds until peeling the tape and viola, you have your scarf.
  5. Make sure to finish with a top coat to protect the lines from smudging.
Now on to the thumb:

The 'Deathly Hallows' is an iconic symbol that any Harry Potter fan can recognise. Plus it's easy to draw on the nail and looks super cool. You will need a striper or a nail art pen. You could use a toothpick dipped in polish as well or a super thin paint brush.
  1. Drawing an equilateral triangle can be quite hard. So to start of draw 3 dots (which are the vertexes of the triangle) to help draw the triangle. It's up to you which way the triangle is facing.
  2. Join the dots, rotating the thumb, making it easier to draw straight lines.
  3. From the top of the triangle draw a line to the centre of the base, creating the elder wand
  4. Now, this might look hard, but it really isn't. Instead of attempting to draw the circle all at once (which can consequently end up looking like an oval or an unrecognisable shape) it is easier to draw brackets and join them together in the middle.
It should look something like this:
Add a top coat and then you're done! :)

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