Sunday, 21 July 2013

Silver Lining

Clouds and shadows consumed the day,
with the weather reaching a maximum of 16℃ (which I can only estimate is around 60℉)
as a summer bug I found it cold.
There was nothing enjoyable about the weather.
 But as they say, 'every cloud has a silver lining' and this happened to be
strutting around the city in my Bettina Liano black & silver dress.

I shamelessly spent my whole weekend in the city. 
Taking advantage of my new found freedom,
I've been exploring Sydney's CBD more then ever 
What I've noticed, is that collectively
the city is dominated with fashionable individuals
who effortlessly represent themselves whilst managing to look trendy
and that's probably due to the adventurous and outgoing lifestyle the city offers. 
The commitment put in to ones outfit is contagious, as the city 
encourages you to put your best clothes on and explore.
This dress is like no other that I own. 
The structure is quite different, just falling down, 
forming a rectangular shape and successfully refusing to hug any part of you torso. 
I'm not sure if the photo's give justice to the dress, 
but it's definitely a piece that will grab more than a few eyes.
Although I do find selecting jewellery a tedious task, 
I do believe that once you have the perfect accessories to match your outfit, 
something happens where you just feel good, even if it's momentarily. 
I'm wearing my favourite black and silver beaded elastic bracelet, 
a silver bangle that has a diamond on each end, 
two rings and large tear drop earrings with black and silver stones.
My favourite shoes, these boots are by far the coolest thing I own 
and are worth every penny I paid for them. 
I love them so much, I dedicated a whole blog post to them Pinky's Picks • Steve Madden Boots
In a nutshell, they're little longer than an ankle boot, 
made out of leather with studs around the back 
and on the buckle and they go with any item of clothing (shorts, shirts, pants, dress.. etc.). 
Oh! And I know, the pink socks! If I had a magical wand, I'd zap them away.
Thank you for reading and looking at all my photos. Feel free to comment.

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