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The view from my room
In my last travel post I discussed my trip to Barcelona during an Art & Design Tour I took in 2010.
After I travelled there, we conveniently took a train to Paris, 
to explore the fashion capital of the world. 
And although I am quite appreciative of indulging in an education of the evolution of fashion,
the city left me intrigued and quite jealous of the Parisian lifestyle.
Paris is a beautiful city enriched with culture, though anyone could tell you that.
Aside from its iconic Eiffel Tower, which is much more beautiful from afar,
when illuminating the city; Paris has a lot more to offer.
I hope this post introduces you to
the other places you can include to your list when you decide to visit. 

The Eiffel Tower
The view was stunning. 
What I really enjoyed was the enclosure at the top that displayed the flags of various countries 
around the world, with the exact distance from where you were standing to that country.
 Like any city, 
when standing at the top of the highest building or tower you become somewhat 
appreciative of being where you are in that moment.
 Realising how beautiful the world really is and standing in disbelief 
while you try to comprehend how humans have created most of the scenery that is in front of you. 
I'm sure it's not just me who experiences those thoughts, 
thinking about the history behind the landscape
 and the hard work of each individual in creating it.

Château de Versailles
It's beauty is indescribable. 
Ever since I left, my nostalgia has only grown. 
To return to a place where a visual fantasy is a reality.
Previously the home of Marie Antoinette, this Château is romantic and enchanting.  
Not only is it visually stunning, from the intricate details in the bedrooms to the never ending garden, 
the historic and political moments created at this palace are equally as interesting;
creating a staple destination for tourists.

The Louvre 

If you are not familiar with what The Louvre is, then maybe you have heard of The Mona Lisa.
The Louvre is not only the home of this famous painting, 
but is also the worlds most visited museum 
with a combination of paintings, sculptures and antiques.

A Boat Ride
I stayed in Paris for around a week,
if you're in there for a short time, like a day or even if you're not, 
I encourage you to take a boat ride around Paris and get a quick introduction
 to the sites and the city's history.
I went around sunset, which made the experience more magical.

I hope you enjoyed my post about Paris, I took all the photos myself. Like always feel free to comment below with your opinions and suggestions :)

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