Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Peter Pan

Day to Night
I really adore the 'Peter Pan' collar, it's such unique addition to cute tops that usually wouldn't have or suit collars. I happen to own quite a few tops of that style, but there is something about white and denim that looks refreshing. When I was putting my outfit on, checking in the mirror to see if it all came together and I felt that I looked really 'Ashley Greene-esque'. Ashley Greene is gorgeous and she effortlessly puts together looks that consist of jeans and a cute pair of heals or flats.  


The Day Look 

Other than when I'm just wearing a plain tee,  I prefer to have some kind of texture somewhere on the shirt, if I'm wearing a monochrome top, so that it looks simple yet stylish. This top has a train of buttons on the back and rows of flowers at the front. The top is see-through (only at the front), so it requires a crop-top or singlet underneath.
I'm wearing a pair of skinny jeans with the bottoms rolled up twice :)
I've never been big on ballet flats, I guess that's where my inner tomboy kicks in. I probably own about 5 pairs of heals, a pair of sandals, a pair of flats, 3 pairs of boots and about 183894873 pairs of converses and vans. However, that being said, I do appreciate the practicality of flats. The way they go with about anything and (if you get a good quality pair) don't hurt walking in. My flats are a gorgeous velvety material, which I personally feel is much more prettier and fancier than the leather, not that the leather doesn't look good too. 

The Night Look

Personally I like any old excuse to change my clothes from the day when I have to go out a night. But if you're in a rush or if you need to look less casual, there are only a few staple pieces that you have to add/change to transform the look.

I really like a good blazer, by rolling the sleeves up you end up looking quite trendy. To look a little different, I paired my look with a baby pink blazer, so that I looked unique but not too out there.
I added a pair of blue heels in an attempt to do a mild colour blocking look, but I would've preferred wearing silver, black or pink heels OR I would have gladly kept the blue heals and not worn the pink blazer with it. 

I hope you liked this look :) Feel free to comment below!!

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