Friday, 28 June 2013

Complimentary • Orange & Teal

Honestly, I had nowhere to go yesterday, I stayed at home, slept, surfed the internet, watched a movie and went to the gym; not the kinda stuff you wanna document. However, somewhere between what I call a really good day, I was motivated to dress up because I still wanted to update my blog and share my outfit ideas with you, my readers.

One of the things I try to consider when picking an outfit to wear, which is no easy task, is the different colours that work well together. Although complimentary colours make each other pop out, it is difficult to subtly pull them off. But I guess that's why the whole 'colour blocking' concept came about. If you are unaware orange & blue are complimentary colours, and while they work well together, you will find that working with different shades of the two colours can work quite well too.

I decided not to wear any make-up in these photos too. I am trying to find a different location where I can take my photos for next time, so that I can venture outside my home. I hope you can understand.

I love a good romper (play suit), whenever I'm shopping online its the first thing I look at. This teal play-suit is one of my favourites because I can wear it out to lunch or a dinner party, depending how I dress it. What I love about it, is that it's tight around the waist- below and sort of just 'poofs' out at the top, adding a bit of texture to the outfit. The scarf is something I would never have paired with it. I'm really poor when it comes to accessorising my outfits and normally I would just wear a scarf to keep my neck warm. But looking at the juxtaposition between the orange and teal is beautiful and who could deny is without a doubt, eye catching. Pairing it with a cute pair of black heels is great, because it's practical and sort of completes the look. If you're like me and don't wear heels unless your going to a party, then a great pair of boots would work. I don't know if it's me, but something about this look screams New York, but I could be completely off.
I love rings; and sometimes I like to go to town when I'm wearing them, Phoebe Buffay style. On my left, I'm wearing one of those elastic beaded bracelets, with rows of black and silver beads. I adore those types of bracelets because sometimes bangles can look quite chunky on my small wrists. On my right hand, I'm wearing 3 bangles (aqua, purple & coral) and a simple braided wrist band with a peace bead. My earrings are really light and have a combination of teal, aqua & silver beads and I feel they really complete the look.
I hope you liked this look :) Tell me what you think in the comments below :D

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