Friday, 14 June 2013

Easy Nail Art • 3 Steps

It's been a while since I've written a post and I've sort've missed the feeling of letting my thoughts and opinions loose, while my fingers do the typing. I've been spending the last couple of weeks finishing the final essays for my first semester at university. Fortunately for me I now have holidays and can gradually release all my ideas day by day.

From my 'neon nail polish post' I expressed adventurous nature when it came to painting my nails. When I'm in a rush I usually go for the alternating colours options ( 2 nail polish colours swapping them on each consecutive nail). But from time to time I like to take it one step further and put my nail art skills to the test. I'll be the first one to say that I am no professional and like most beauty looks you try to recreate, they some how turn to be nothing like how the result should look like.
So what I can share with you are the simple designs that I know will work for nail artists of all levels, even beginners. This design doesn't require any tools (which is an added bonus) and is super easy.
So lets begin! :)

Before you apply any colour, apply a base coat to protect your nail from staining and for smoother results.
For this look you will need 2-3 different nail colours. It would be preferable to pick an opaque polish as attempting multiple coats can be quite messy with this look.
I decided to use three colours here.
  1. Paint you whole nail the 1st colour of your choosing
  2. Then paint one long stripe of your second polish. You can start from the middle of your nail up to the tip or from the middle to the base of your nail. Here I've decided to go to the tip, but I have tried to the base and it looks equally as nice.
  3. Add a second stripe next to the first, insuring it is slightly SHORTER :)
  4. Add the last stripe also making it shorter than the one before it.
* As there is only three stripes, insure each is taking 1/3 of the nail and are equally as thick.
Continue steps 2-4, either the using the first colour again or a third colour. When you repeat these steps make sure that you do them directly below the 2nd colour. It should look like this:

Make sure to and a top coat for extra shine and a smooth finish:
And then you're done! :)
The colours you select are up to you. The colours I've used today are:
* Feel free to comment below. I will try to add so full outfit looks with the polish soon, preferably when its not freezing cold and I'm not lounging around in my sofa.


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