Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Pinky's Picks • Black Bandage Skirt

Week 2
When I was in year 10, my mum and I went to buy some appropriate clothes for the mandatory work experience that I had to do. I wanted to buy some pieces that were true to myself but still had a formal appearance. And I think a black bandage skirt does just that. You can dress it up for a night out or pair it with some conservative essentials really for work.

  BLACK BANDAGE SKIRT < Click link to purchase the exact skirt I'm wearing

I suggest pairing the skirt with a pair of stockings whether it be for the winter, work or if you feel it's just that little bit too short. 

Below I have a variety of tops that you can pair the skirt with.

Here is the skirt paired with a silk black singlet top, which is tucked into the skirt.

Summer: I've combined what I wore up top with coral mesh like top.

Night out: Peplum is flattering on almost anyone. This bright orange Peplum top with a hole and the back, adds a pop of colour with out being overwhelming. It is an elegant, simple, sophisticated and classy outfit for a night out.

Winter: Similar to the Summer style, this dark green top is made from mesh like material, so I'm wearing the same black singlet top underneath; but if you if you prefer more colour to brighten a dark winter's day then I suggest wearing a coloured singlet underneath or a bright jacket. 

I've taken all the photo's myself and am modelling all the clothes in the pictures.

Please comment below on your opinions of the bandage skirt and how you would pair it, I 
would love to hear your suggestions. :) 
Also I would love to know if you prefer full outfits or just simplistic ideas.

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