Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Edgy meets Feminine

When you ask most of my friends and family to describe me you would get a variety of responses, but I assure you they will all mention something about me being girly. I can see where they are coming from, my nickname is Pinky after all and as a child I was never one to shy away from wearing my trendy little outfits. However as time went by and I gained an understanding of what my own style is, I would say that I'm more of a Tom-Boy that a 'Girly-Girl'. I'm definitely one of those girls who would prefer strutting around in her converses than in a pair of heals. To best describe my style I would say it's Kristen Stewart meets Blake Lively.

Now, I'm not going to lie, when I go to university, the few days that I do go, I want to look good. But, in saying that I also want to feel comfortable.

I will leave links at the bottom, to each item of clothing, if you want to purchase it yourself :)

I've never been a 'jeans girl', normally sticking to tights, they just don't fit my body type and end up being quite uncomfortable. However, because miracles do happen from time to time, I found an adorable pair of ripped jeans, which don't hug my thighs and are a perfect touch to an edgy outfit.

Converses are a staple piece that I honestly feel everyone should own a pair. They can be quite pricy, but you will definitely get you moneys' worth because they go with almost every outfit, are super comfortable and are much cuter than a pair of runners.

As a girly touch, I wore this peplum top, which has a mesh top half and golden flowers. This is one of my most favourite tops in the world.

Now, I might have spoke too soon when I was babbling on about miracles. As great as these jeans are they are too big around my hips. My mum purchased this belt for me, so that I didn't have to awkwardly pull up my pants every 2 steps. At first I thought the cat was quite scary and unusual but at the same time it's different, which is right up my ally. This is a waist belt, that I just managed to fit around my hips, so I wouldn't recommend purchasing it for your hips without trying it on, but if you're looking for a unique waist belt then this may be the one for you.

It is Autumn in Australia and although it's not freezing just yet, I'm one of those girls who is cold unless it's above 26℃. So, it is a necessity that I carry a jacket or a jumper (what do American's call it again.. oh yeah, a"sweater") just incase I'm feeling cool.
Now I got this cardigan at a local boutique, but I'm sure there are similar replications online. I love how the sleeves are a different colour so that the outfit isn't too black, plus grey isn't an outrageously bright colour so it ends up looking quite classy.

  • Jeans
  • Top - now I got this top as a present for my birthday 2 years ago, but here is the website of the store where they are from, they honestly have a beautiful selection of clothes.
  • Shoes - This is a universal link, for prices specifically adapted to your country, you can be change the regional settings. 
  • Belt


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