Saturday, 25 May 2013

Neon/Fluro Nails

You can never go wrong when it comes to coating your nails with outrageous colours. To be honest pale nudes and pinks bore me and are so 20th century. Now although I have a deep and invested interest in nail polish, I am not one to conform to the rules of 'seasonal colours' and will paint my nails whatever colour I like. Unfortunately I can never commit to one colour and as a result will keep the polish on my nails for a maximum of 2 weeks. And the reason I point this out, is because when you have this limited dedication to one nail colour you need to be adventurous and keep finding new shades.

I have always been a fan of American Apparel. There is something about their clothes that screams out effortlessly too cool for school. So when my mum went to Canada, I requested that she bring me back some of their nail polishes. 

I had never tried out Neon Orange, but adored how the yellow looked on me. There are far more neon nail colours, but I really wanted to try these two before I invested in more of them. I believe there is a significant price difference between Australia and Canada, which is unbelievably annoying, but I thought I'd just provide a warning. Now having tried both, I much prefer the yellow, but maybe that's due to the juxtaposition between the brightness of the yellow and the darkness of my skin. I think an understanding of what colours pop out against your complexion would be beneficial when purchasing the neon nail polish.

To get the same finish that I did you will need three things.
  1. Base Coat
  2. Neon Colour Nail Polish
  3. Top Coat
Make sure that you clean and remove any existing polish from your nails. I have a strong preference for  polish on short nails, so I like cutting my nails to the end before. If you'd rather have them longer, make sure you file them for a more dexterous effect.
I shamefully admit that I underestimated the effectiveness of a base coat. It really does protect your natural nail and allow the colour to go on smoother. I completely recommending investing in this product. 
 I suggest painting 2 coats. If you struggle painting your nails, remember just to stroke the brush vertically not changing directions. To insure that the polish is smooth, make sure you have enough liquid on the brush before attending to each nail, because if you have to keep dipping the brush in the bottle whilst painting a nail, the polish on your finger will start to dry and create a bumpy effect.
Finish with a top coat to add shine and prevent the polish from chipping and then you're done!

Im not sure if these images does the brightness of the orange justice. I did get a lot of complements at University today about the colour, so it's sure to grab tones of attention. 

Tell me what you think in the comments below and post pictures if you've tried the look yourself.

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