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Hello Everybody,
I know I've been missing and I'm not sure who's reading this or where, 
but thank you for taking your time to read my thoughts.
A while ago I wrote a list on my favourite movies and over time 
I've discovered some great movies
 (to my disbelief because I was under the
 assumption that I'd watch every movie there ever was)
So here is a list of some movies that I've watched over the last couple of months, 
but mostly ones that were excluded from my previous list,
 but still thought I'd share with you.

The Host
Whether you love or hate twilight, 
I ask you to put your prejudices aside and give this movie a go. 
I personally love twilight, to be honest I love all movie franchises, 
Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, you name it, I love it. 
Anyways, this movie really deserved more hype and attention than it got. 
The acting was exceptional and it isn't necessary, 
to have read the book to understand the details of the film. 
Although there is a love.. square (yes, I know that sounds weird, but trust me it's not) 
there is a balance of action in this move to suit all audiences. 

The movie is basically about Aliens 'Souls' who inhabit human's bodies. 
There is only a small group of humans left and once an individual is inhabited, 
all that is left of us is memories. 
However, when a human resists her soul, 
fighting to stay alive for the love of her life and brother, 
the two are forced to share the same body and a series of events follow, 
as consequence of this.

The First Time
I unexpectedly enjoyed this movie 
and was left thinking about it for a good week afterwards.
 It's not one of those cliche first love movies and rather one that, 
exposes the truth behind the tragedies of ones 'first time'. 
Dave is one of my all time favourite fictional characters, 
I dare you not to fall in love with him in the first 5 minutes and 
Aubrey is too cool for school, not to mention her amazing room.
 I honestly encourage you all to watch it.

The Princess Diaries
Hathaway is ever so talented and loveable. 
Mia find's out that she is the Princess of Genovia, 
(unfortunately it's not a real place :( ) 
when her long lost Grandma, who is the Queen, elegantly breaks the news to her.
 Mia is such a relatable character. 
As she transitions from a regular 15 year old into a Princess 
you can't help but fall in love with her even more. 
With memorable scenes, whether it be her makeover, 
or her foot-popping moment with Michael 
or even her hysterical conversations with either Lily, Joe or her Grandma;
 this movie is a classic.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
This is by far some of the best acting I have ever seen.
 With Stephan Chbosky, the author of the book, also directing the movie, 
you know that this will be a perfect adaptation.
 Charlie, a 15 year old boy, who writes letter's to 'Friend' an anonymous reader, 
documenting his life. Charlie is introverted, troubled, 
but very kind hearted. 
He meets Sam and Patrick and for the first time and in a long time he feels accepted. 
They enlighten and introduce him to their world 
and as this happens Charlie uncovers more about himself.

Romeo + Juliet
Leonardo Dicaprio is my favourite actor in the entire world. 
Ask anybody I know and without hesitation they will describe my passionate views
 on how it's shocking that he hasn't won an oscar yet.
 I love Shakespeare,
he has a true talent in articulating love in simplistic and metaphorical ways
 Makes me wish I was born in the Renaissance. 
Baz Luhrmann is a directorial genius, even if you are not familiar with this story, 
this modern approach will keep you interested.

Shakespeare in Love
This movie is something magical. 
Now I must warn you this movie is fictional, 
although, some of the actor's play real people 
( such as Ben Affleck as Ned Alleyn or Rupert Everett as Christopher Marlowe)
In the movie Shakespeare meets a girl who disguises as a boy
 determined to act in his play Romeo and Juliet, 
who inspires him in finishing his play. 
This movie is so good that it has won 7 Academy Awards, s
o I encourage you all to see it.

Ever After
Clearly a theme of either Shakespearian or Fairytale based movies 
are reoccurring through this list. 
This movie is another adaptation to Cinderella, but is set during its era. 
This movie is a more realistic version of the fairytale we love and know.

Uptown Girls
Molly is a carefree, bubbly, yet somewhat spoilt daughter of a Rock legend. 
But when she goes broke, 
she is forced to become the nanny Rae, an 8 year old girl, 
who has lost sight of what it is to be a child.  

27 Dresses

Jane has been a dedicated bridesmaid 27 times, like me, in love with weddings,
 she reads the wedding articles of Malcolm Doyle.
 When her free spirited sister comes to town, she introduces her to her boss,
 who she is in love with and to her surprise the two ( her sister and boss) 
fall in love and decide to get married. 
Whilst this happens she meets Kevin who encourages her to fight for what she wants.

He's Just Not That Into You
Using a variety of A-list actors this movie displays a series of different relationships, 
each story or character linking/interconnecting to each other. 
 This movie portrays the challenges of understanding men 
and knowing when they are into you or are not.

The Perfect Man
Holly and her little sister are forced to move to a new city every time 
her mum experiences a bad break-up. 
Tired of her ways, she create the perfect man for her mum 
through a series of emails based on her new friends uncle Ben. 
Holly, never being able to find her sense of 'home' finally finds friends 
and a place where she belongs. 
But when her mother decides that she wants to meet her perfect man
 she is forced to scheme to prevent this from happening, 
neglecting the guy who could be her own perfect man.

What's Your Number
I unexpectedly adored this movie. 
Ally reads an article that states that
 women who have slept with over 20 men struggle to eventually find their husband.
Realising that she has already slept with 19 different men 
she decides to save herself until she finds 'the one'. 
When she accidentally sleeps with her boss, who becomes the 20th man, 
she is determined go back to her list of men 
and rekindle a relationship with her one of previous lovers, 
who is possible marriage material. 
She hires her neighbour Colin to help her track them down, 
in exchange for a hiding place from his one night stands.

21 Jump Street
This movie.. What can I say! 
Laughing continuously until I had stomach stitches & watery eyes. 
This unlikely pair is sheer genius! 
When 2 police-officer best friends with contrasting personalities
 are forced to go undercover at a high school, 
they explore the high school lives of one another.
 I highly recommend this movie unless your uncomfortable with profanities.
 It's just a damn good movie! 
Plus, Dave Franco is now officially my idol. "
You know what happens to a handome guy like me in jail? It rhymes with Grape".

The Amazing Spiderman
Before the movie was released, I was very much stubborn and unwilling to accept,
 as my loyalty was with Tobey Maguire!
 However, after watching it, I was disappointed in my prejudice 
and felt my shipping heart fall for Emma stone and Andrew Garfield. 
Spiderman is my all time favourite superhero 
and this movie takes us back to his roots,
 to the beginning of Spiderman. 
You don't have to be a comic book groupie to understand the film and
 it has the right amount of action and romance to satisfy all audiences.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (1 & 2)

4 girls with completely different personalities are best friends. 
They discover a pair a pants, to their disbelief, which fits all for of them. 
When they are going their separate ways for the summer for the 1st time, 
they decide share the pants, mailing them to each other in a cycle over the holidays. 
The each experience a different holiday
 and the magic of the pants brings helps them in different ways.

First Daughter & Chasing Liberty (Different Movies extremely similar story lines)
First Daughter
I can clearly establish that Chasing Liberty is the better of the two,
well for me at least.
And no, it's not because of Ben's ( love interest from Chasing liberty)
irresistibly charming British accent and to die for good looks, 
because James ( love interest from First Daughter) is equally as dashing.. 
I don't know what it is, but they're both light hearted sweet films.
Chasing Liberty
The daughter of the President, leaves home to find herself, 
through a discovery of her identity, 
she falls in love with the guy who is assisting her through this journey, 
however he is keeping a secret from her under the command of her father.. 

Although there are similarities there are differences,
 so if you love one definitely check the other out.

I have written these descriptions all in my own words
 based on my personal views on them. 
Like stated in a previous article, 
they all mostly belong to the 'Rom-Com' genre. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this list 
and please feel free to add movies you enjoy in the comments.

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