Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Pinky's Picks • Steve Madden Boots

Week 1

Once Upon a time, I used to watch a show called 'Jane by Design', have any of you ever watched it? Now, I'm not sure if ever experienced that moment when your jaw drops to the floor because your not so favourite character is rocking the CUTEST pair of boots you have ever seen in your life! Now if you really are like me, you would probably proceed to Google, where you play detective and search for that item of clothing. Then to your dismay it costs like a zillion more dollars that you can ever afford.

Well one day I discovered what I feel, are the most gorgeous pair of
Steve Madden boots
They are an acquired taste and I am warning you before hand, that they are not for everybody; BUT if you are in the mood to indulge yourself or explore your edgier side then these may be the shoes for you :)

NOTE: If you like another item of clothing that I am wearing in these pictures, then click it's name and it will take you to a link, so that you can purchase it yourself :)

Now they are on the pricer side, and trust me, by no means do I spend this much on clothes usually, but they really are one of those classical pieces that you can wear almost all the time, in both seasons.

In the Summer, I've found the boots are super cute with a coulourful pair of shorts and a plain top or a summer dress.

Don't forget to click the link if you want to purchase the dress ^^

In the Winter I love paring these boots with a cute pair a tights/leggings or stockings :)

Jacket (Now I couldn't find the same light blue Denim, but this link provides one from the same brand)

I've taken all the photo's myself and am modelling all the clothes in the pictures.

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